List of stores that market the Israeli bestseller "Historical Mission In Computer's World" (partial list)

* The price of the book before discounts and promotions in bookstores is 88 ILS


Available on the web site of Tzomet Sfarim and in the branches.

Free shipping in Israel if purchasing books in total price above 249 ILS.


Available on the web site of Stimatzki and in the branches.

Picking up books directly from the branches or free shipping beyond 249 ILS.


"E-Vrit" is the public digital library of Israel.

Digital copies are available in a low price, but you can also buy a printed book.

If chosen a printed book, the shipping will be free if buying in above 199 ILS.


BBooks is a digital store that allows to purchase books and digital bestsellers.

There is also an option for a physical book with a free shipping.


A veteran and known virtual book store that sells digital books with some cool sales.

The web site lets you get a taste of the books (mostly the first chapter or the abstract).

There is an option to invite a physical book.


Purchase directly from the web site of the official publisher.

You may choose a shipping, or picking up yourself from the publisher's offices at Rishon Lezion, Israel.

Orion Books ltd. is one of the veteran book publishers in Israel, since 1997.


SifriApp is a store of digital books and a book catalog.

The digital books that are being purchased have been matched to a plenty of screen readers and book applications.


BookMe is a subsidiary of "Books For All".

Books For All is a supplier of books and equipment for libraries.

A printed book is avaiable for purchasing via the web site.


Bambooks is an electonic platform for books that offers to purchase digital, printed and audio books.

The site engraves on its banner the issue of accessibility and adaptation for people with disabilities.

There is an option for a physical book or a digital copy.


A part of the stores that are selling the book, advertise a direct purchase link on Google.

Here you can get updated with new shops that are having the book in stock, and compare prices.


The book might be available in your local library in Israel.

Try to locate your library in the catalog.

דירוג תגית ממוצע: 5 (מתוך 3 דירוגים סה"כ)
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