A list of frequently asked questions about the Israeli bestseller "Historical Mission In Computer's World" (partial list)

1. What the book is about?

The Israeli bestseller "Historical Mission In Computer's World" tells the story of computer world's development from its beginning till today, in an experiential and fascinating way.

The story is being telled in a form of a child named Ofeck who dreams that he's travelling in time and meeting the computer's inventors.

2. For which ages the book is intended?

The book fits all ages, but it is recommended for age thirteen and up.

Below these ages there might be topics that require an additional explanation for a child by an older person, but the book does not contain any rough content nor requires an adult supervision.

3. Where can I acquire the book?

The Israeli bestseller "Historical Mission In Computer's World" can be acquired at most of the Israeli book stores, or directly from Orion Books Publishing House.

It is recomment to check the list of stores, which is updated from time to time.

4. Who wrote the book?

The Israeli bestseller "Historical Mission In Computer's World" was written by Moshe Binnun - computers engineer from Petah Tiqwa, Israel.

It was illustrated by Noy Sukar Bitani. The book has been published by Orion Books ltd.

For anyone interested, you can contact the author directly.

5. What are the topics explained in the book?

The book covers a long list of topics, among others mentioned: the difference engine, the Turing machine, the operating system, the smart board and more.

You may browse the list to topics to read about them in details.

6. What's the price of the book?

The price of the book is 88 ILS, and by purchasing directly from the publisher it will cost 75 ILS.

With that being said, a lot of book stores offer a plenty of sales and discounts. In some of them you can achieve a price of less than 50 ILS, and by purchasing only a digital copy the price can be even cheaper.

7. Who is the audience of the book?

The book turns to teenagers who want to learn more about the history of computers in an experiential way and also to adults.

It will also fit anyone who likes the genre of time travel, and to people who live the computer world and feel nostalgic for the subject.

All the above will enjoy from the book for sure.

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