List of inventors mentioned in the Israeli bestseller "Historical Mission in the Computers World" (partial list)

1. Charles Babbage

Creator of the difference engine, and various calculation machines.

Conceived the first idea of ​​the computer, which was not physically realized in his time.

2. Alan Turing

Conceived the model of Turing machine and the Turing exam that checks whether it is a person or a machine.

The Turing machine model makes it possible to check whether the computing machine is constructible without actually building it.

3. John Von Neumann

Conceived von Neumann architecture that defines a computer physically.

Among the first who managed to physically implement the model of a Turing machine.

4. Dennis Ritchie

The developer of C language and Unix operating system in its first version.

The first creator of computer operating systems and high-level programming languages.

5. Steve Jobs

A technological entrepreneur and founder of Apple company.

The developer of Apple-2 computers together with Steve Wozniak, and the creator of the Macintosh computer - which for the first time produced a graphical operating system.

6. Bill Gates

Founder and CEO of Microsoft.

The developer of MS-DOS operating system, and later the Windows operating system as well.

7. Paul Baran

The developer of the Arpanet military network, which formed the basis for the development of the Internet.

8. Dov Moran

The Israeli who invented the portable USB storage which is also called disk-on-key.

9. Linus Torvalds

The founder of the open source community and the developer of the free operating system called Linux - which, among other things, runs on servers, smart cards and is the base layer for the Android operating system.

As a part of his contribution to open source, he also developed Git - a distributed code sharing system.

10. Mark Zuckerberg

The founder of the social network Facebook (currently changed its name to Meta) together with Eduardo Severin.

Turned the social networks and the Internet into Web-2, the ability to produce independent content and build communities without being dependent on the website owners.

11. Jeff Bezos

CEO and founder of Amazon, which started as a marketing company but also entered the field of online storage and cloud services.

Operates the AWS cloud service.

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